Solar leases, ppas and solar leasing company loans are three of
the most expensive ways
to have solar on your roof.

Solar Lease Ball And Chain 

Ever wonder why the solar leasing companies never post their pricing on their websites? The answer to that question is simple. If you knew upfront how overpriced their system were, you would probably never consider inviting one of their high pressure sales people into your home to provide you with a quote.

The leasing companies might post their interest rates, but what good is a low interest rate if you're paying nearly three times the price that you would pay if you purchased the same system from a fair market priced solar dealer?

Unfortunately for consumers across the country, low interest rate solar leasing company loans, power purchase agreements and solar leases are three of the most expensive ways to have solar on your roof. Up to three times the cost of a purchased system from a local or regional dealer using the same name high quality, reliable equipment..

The low interest rate loans offered by the solar leasing companies may appear enticing at first glance but these low interest rate programs are very expensive for the leasing companies and in the end for the system purchaser. They are known as "buy down loans" and can cost the leasing company thousands of dollars in fees which are simply padded into the price of the system.

While many fair market priced solar dealers are installing systems for less than $3.00 per Watt, the solar lease companies are pricing their systems between $4.50 to well over $5.00 per Watt, completely wiping out any savings that their systems might yield on your electric bill.

To put this into perspective, a typical 5 kW grid tied solar system from a fair market priced solar dealer would cost you less than $13,500 before incentives while the same 5 kW grid tie solar system from a solar leasing company will cost you up to $30,000 before the same incentives!

You'll have to forfeit the 30% federal tax credit and any applicable cash rebate to the leasing company and you won't get tax deductible interest on your lease payments. By purchasing your system with a $0 down FHA solar loan or PACE financing instead, you may qualify for tax deductible interest. Solar leasing company leases and power purchase agreements don't offer tax deductible interest.

Not only are you forfeiting the lucrative 30% federal tax credit worth thousands of dollars but to make matters worse, most if not all $0 down solar leases include an annual payment escalator that will increase your monthly payment by up to 2.9% per year, every year for 20 years. A lease payment that may start at $80 per month can run into the hundreds of dollars toward the end of a lease contract.

Imagine what would happen if your utility company decides to, or is ever mandated to add fees or decrease their net metering compensation like what happened in Nevada. On a lease with annual payment increases, you could end up being forced to pay more for your electricity than if you never had signed that air tight, escalating solar lease contract in the first place.

The leasing company will try to mislead you by making claims like "With a solar lease or power purchase agreement, you won't have to pay the high upfront costs of a purchase. But they'll fail to mention that there are no high upfront costs with a zero down solar loan.

You'll typically pay so much more to purchase or rent a system from a solar leasing company than a purchase from a local or regional non-leasing dealer, that's it's actually you who will be over-paying to maintain, monitor and insure the leasing company's equipment.

You'll probably have problems selling your home  with a solar lease or power purchase agreement attached to it. What home buyer will want to assume your remaining lease payments on a used, outdated solar system when they can own a brand new system with the latest technology and keep the 30% federal tax credit for thousands less.

Don't believe it ? Well then simply type the keywords "solar lease scaring buyers" into Google and you can read many accounts of homeowners and real estate professionals reporting difficulty when trying to sell a home with a 20 year solar lease or PPA attached to it.

Solar leases and power purchase agreements will typically only save you about 10% to 15% on your electric bill after you factor in the monthly lease/PPA payment.

And after making 20 years worth of leasing payments, you won't even own the system. It will still belong to the leasing company. If you want to own their system after making all those payment, then you'll have to buy it from the leasing company at the end of your lease at fair market value.

Add up all of the disadvantages that a Solar Lease, Power Purchase Agreement as well as the much higher pricing that a solar leasing company solar loan offers and you'll find that none of these forms of financing makes much sense in today's much lower priced solar market. 


Why Rent When You Can Own For So Much Less?

The solar leasing companies have spread to every corner of the country. They'll knock on you door, they'll call you at all hours, they'll even show up at your local home improvement store.

All for that one elusive thing. Your signature on their overpriced, 20 year air tight solar lease contract. You would think that consumers are smarter and would see through their gimmicks.

Don't fall victim to an overpriced solar lease or PPA. Always compare the pricing between a leased solar system and a purchase. And remember, never, ever sign any contract with any solar dealer until you've comparison shopped.

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Battery Backup Solar With U.S. MADE Panels

Did that other dealer make you aware that their solar systems are designed to turn themselves off during a power outage, even when the Sun is shining ?

In the event of a power failure, nearly all of the grid tie solar power systems in use today, especially leased solar systems are engineered by law to turn themselves off during a power outage, leaving you and your family without electricity.

You may have paid for all of those solar panels that are mounted on the roof of your home but you won't have any power to even charge your cell phone until your electric company restores its power. Wouldn't it make far more sense to install a grid tie, battery backup, solar system for your home that will reduce your electric bill and provide you with backup power during an outage?

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Title 1 Loans

FHA Title 1 loans. No money down. No equity required. Interest may be tax deductible.

LightStream Loans

LightStream loans. $0 down. No collateral required or lien against your home.

PACE Loans

PACE Financing. Payments made through your prpoerty tax bill. Interest may be tax deductible.

Comerica Loans

Elan Financial. $0 down and no Interest for one full year as well as home equity lines of credit. Comerica loans.


U.S Made Solar Panels

When it comes to purchasing a solar system for your home or business it is crucial that you take a very close look at the solar panels that the dealer is offering you. After all, solar panels are the workhorse of any solar system.

Far too many consumers simply purchase what ever it is that a dealer happens to have available without even looking at a specification sheet. Performance that is lacking by just a few percentage points or an inferior warranty can make all the difference in the world over the expected life of a solar panel.

This is why it is important that you choose a solar panel manufacturer that is well established in the industry and has the financial strength to be there if the need arises. This is exactly why we chose Auxin Solar for our premium line solar systems. 

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Why Pay Full Price For Only Half A Solar Systems?

With high temperature records being broken all across the country and power outages becoming far more frequent, imagine not being able to power even a small window air conditioner or for that matter even a small fan with that other dealer's overpriced grid tie only solar system, even when the sun is shining.

Utility companies across the country including, California, Hawaii, Maine, Arizona, Nevada, just to name a few are detrimentally modifying or even eliminating their net metering policies.

Without a means to store energy, you'll have to use the energy that your system produces at the time that it's being produced or give it away to the utility company at a reduced rate or lose that energy entirely.

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With Leased Solar Energy you have a choice. Use one of our referred, experienced Leased solar power contractors to install your Leased solar system or save thousands by installing the bulk of your system yourself with our expert technical assistance.

Either way you'll save thousands of dollars when compared to our competitor's solar system offerings. At Leased Solar Energy, we're all about saving you money. Lots of it !

DIY System Pricing


Name brand grid tie solar system for less than 1/2 the cost of a $0 down Leased solar company lease.

REAL $0 Down Loans

No 30% balloon payments and no annual payment increases. Many loans with tax deductible interest.

Next Gen Technology

Advanced PV technology for higher performance and reliability for years of maintenance free service.